How to buy Monero (XMR) for Bitcoin (BTC) on Changelly: a quick guide

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 Monero is one of the most promising untraceable cryptocurrencies. The CryptoNote based coin provides anonymous and unlikable transactions. In this article you’ll learn how to buy Monero for Bitcoins. Also you may see our another guide on how to exchange XMR to BTC.

1. Let’s start with the homepage. Select BTC on the left and XMR on the right. Type the amount and press ‘Exchange!’. 

2. Check the amount, estimated rate and proceed to the next step. 

3. Type a recipient address. That’s your Monero wallet you need to specify. You may add a payment ID if your wallet requires. Otherwise this feature is optional, so there is no need to enter it. 

4. Check carefully all the details provided here. 

5. Send the amount you need to the address you see in this step. The amount can be more or less. The point is that it shoudn’t be less than suggested minimal amounts.

6. Go to your BTC wallet copy and paste the wallet address form the box above. 

7. Wait a little until the transaction is finished. 

8. You get the receipt of successfully finished transaction. 

Quite simple. See our other exchange tutorials on Changelly.
Try to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR) on Changelly now! 

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Hey I give to you 13.597 STEEM can you refund please is important for me I try to contact you in facebook twitter google+ and the minergate mail and you don't reply. you do not repay me before the end of these 24 hours I consider this to be a steal !

Please respond to my email... I have been waiting 3 days for a response.


Hi @theprophet0! We are deeply sorry for the delay. Please, check you inbox, our support team have clarified your issue.

Glad to see another trusted instant exchange site on steemit. I use your service all the time converting my Minergate pool funds. You guys are owned by minergate right? Should push to start coding for equihash mining in Minergare... That would be sweet as steem plans to change to equihash


Thank you for the positive feedback! We really appreciate your trust.
Although we have different teams with MinerGate, we'll surely pass your suggestion to them.
We're convinced that they will find the best solution for Steem miners.

Where is SBD in your site. It has disappeared in the drop down menu.


What happened, I need to know.