STEEM/BTC: Ichimoku 60m

in money •  2 years ago

Prices are going up, but there is a lot of whales powering down and a lot of $STEEM available at poloniex.

Compare both graphics, there are at least 2 days before the medium term price reach the cloud, so prices will probably rollercoaster in next two days.

Competitors will arrive soon and i think the best strategy is keep $STEEM at exchanges instead of power up to take advantage of prices fluctuations. I'm not a good writer, so this is the way for me to earn some $STEEM.

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What do you mean by "Competitors will arrive soon?"

My take on the market is bearish.


There are some projects on "content/media" category nearly to release beta versions. Steemit is actually the best blockchain content platform, but will face competition soon and will need to improve. Take a look at, belacam and