MAID/BTC: MAID rising!

in money •  2 years ago

Few day ago i told to buy $MAID at 8.5k, now it's above 10k, if you followed my advice you probably won a lot of $BTC!

# Trendings

STEEM/GAME are looking for a fair price, so the best thing to do is stay away! AMP is trying to find a way to survive, it's the higher risky on market.

# Stay Away List




# Newcomers HYPE

- BELA, despite the fact they are a small community, if they release a version ZERO of Belacam, they will pump!

- NAV, It's just a matter of time until NAVE become popular, project is good and could help on anonymous trend. This is a good pick if you want to take some risks.

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I'm staying away from steem probably until summer 2017. I've been stocking up on SBD to help out the platform while still keeping my value in dollars.

Sending you $1 via SBD.


Thank you buddy, i'll invest your 1SBD on $BELA! :-)


I didn't even know that was a coin. Care to share what good you see in it?

A link to a blog or article about it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I worte a little about $BELA yesterday, it's a good pick for short!