FYI: The Price of Silver Didn't Move Today, But the US Dollar Did

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Living outside of the USA, I tend to value things against my own currency and the USD, and I noticed today that the price of silver went up slightly in US Dollars, while it didn't budge at all in Canadian Dollars.

This tells me that the US Dollar is the one losing value here, rather than silver going up in price, which is not surprising if you are aware of the Federal Reserve's new round of QE that they're quite adamant is not QE, but is instead "organic" growth. That's like me eating a whole freezer's worth of ice cream and telling people my weight gain is organic.

While this post is boring stuff, I'm writing this to help get the message out there that prices of silver are still being suppressed, unlike the supply of US Dollars. Of course, this is nothing yet, just wait, by Christmas time Silver will be worth 30 USD per oz and we'll still be calling it supressed because the US Dollar is the one moving in value.

I'm including this CAD vs. USD chart to highlight how the US Dollar is Slipping, with the Canadian Dollar breaking out today.

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