BRD @ money 20/20

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More updates from BRD @ Money 20/20

Vincent Everts interviews Ada Vaughan Business Development of BRD

“Today Amsterdam really came alive and joined us at the cool terrace. Cryptotales from Africa and South-America were refreshing, met some good people and had great conversations. Crypto future is bright!!” BRD Ambassador, @Mkhan2666


Peter Shanley Business Development of BRD spreading the word at Money 20/20

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BRD is the best wallet i am also using it

Me encanta su alegría se contagia...

the industry needed a space where the smartest, most outrageously inventive and ambitious people could connect and create. that's where Money 20/20 comes in. Money 20/20 is that Place - where technology meets money, money meets people, people meet ideas and ideas become reality.
This is why i liked the Money 20/20, it's very important for us to seek better future for money.
The future of money does not include paper, digital money is the ideal way.
there's a lot of reasons why digital money is better than cash, it's The best way to control a nation is to control its money supply,it's more easier and practical considering Governments won’t have to spend billions of dollars, pounds, or yuan to protect large sums of paper assets in banks, print paper currency, and redesign it to prevent counterfeiting every few years.

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You are doing a great job to give us this fresh news about the crypt events

Money2020 was great in Amsterdam.
Loved every second of it and BRD did a great job attracting Crypto and non-Crypto minded people to the terrace and have some great talks.