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Hey community, I hope you are ready for this,

Soo<3, https://www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=842484
is a faucet site where you can claim any coin and use it to start cloud mining for Steem!

Basically, just click the link and claim any coin via the faucet, or deposit some of any coin you want, (you can also use a credit card but i dont think thats necessary,)

  1. Click on cloud mining at the bottom right
    NOT cloud folding
  2. select method of purchase, use the coins you got from the site faucet
  3. Rent some cloud SHA for 24hours and use it to mine GHS 4.0 in the dropdown menu

This will make it so you dont have to rent all the time, personally I deposited .001 BTC and rented 24 hours of MHS alongside of my faucet powered 24 hour GHS rental, you can select diversify and have it mining many coins at once, right now I am mining Steem and GHS 4.0,

I plan on using what I mine to rent more GHS every 24houts untill I eventually have enough mined that renting isnt worth it anymore., and my rate of mining is sufficient

If you dont have any BTC to help jumpstart your cloud mining
is a faucet site that you can cliam from whenever,.. the longer you wait the higher the payouts, easy enough...

I think the minimum withdraw is 20,000 satoshi so it may take a bit to get up there,, just withdraw it to https://www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=842484 whenever you can and rent more cloud power to mine steem,

How the Cloud Mining/Hashing Works

  • Let us mine for you with our hardware in the cloud
  • Immediate results, mining updates every 60 seconds
  • Can own fractions of cloud instances, if desired
  • No heat or hardware to maintain
  • Choose payout in any displayed cryptocurrency
  • 5 year and 24 hour rental lengths available
  • (Cloud SHA-256) SHA-256 algorithm, 1.0 GHS per 1.0 cloud instance owned
  • (Cloud SHA-256) Follows Bitcoin difficulty, which in the past has increased exponentially. This means payouts will likely be reduced over time, unless the price of Bitcoin rises to keep pace
  • (Cloud Scrypt) Scrypt algorithm, 1.0 MHS per 1.0 cloud instance owned
  • (Cloud Scrypt) Follows Litecoin difficulty, which in the past has increased exponentially. This means payouts will likely be reduced over time, unless the price of Litecoin rises to keep pace


(itd be nice if you guys used my refferal links, Happy Mining!)

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Let Me know if anyone has any questions!

Sounds interesting. I will certainly look into it. Thanks


its great, . id love a resteem, i feel like everyone needs to know about this!

nice post!
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