The Case of the Hidden Power of Attorney? Important.

in money •  2 years ago

Have you found the Power of Attorney Clause? Check your mortgage conditions for a ‘Power of Attorney’ clause, and if you find one, ASK YOURSELF:

  1. What documents have they signed in my name?
  2. Why didn’t they simply ask me to sign them?
  3. Why was I never told about the POA clause?
  4. Why do they need to act as “me”?

Watch this:

In 2008 TheSpaniard (otherwise called “Si”), an ex-banker, and ex-qualified mortgage advisor, “woke-up” to the fact that there is something very wrong with the banking industry. The PPI scandal is a mere “dot on the landscape”, when compared to the sheer scale, and value, of the coming mortgage scandal. When we think about a mortgage, the product appears straight forward enough; but look carefully and what reveals itself is a “fudge”, or “lie”; and the bankers know it!

The good news is that Si and others have been researching this area of “trickery” for some time.

If you would like to know more, click here !

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