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In the present, the functioning of many things like the artifacts we deal with daily go unnoticed, we work to buy them, we use them and throw them away when they stop serving. In addition to living in a world conditioned to consumption, under a predesigned economic system with the aim of making these foundations arise perpetually in society, making it complex to try to modify them.

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Obsolescence is the cornerstone of any modern economy, whether viewed as a conspiracy theory, malignantly as a system of modern slavery or credit indebtedness, also in a benign way as a formula that embeds us in a continuous process of effort, where the limit or the end are marked by our retirement or disabilities, according to the rules. We went through a considerable lapse of time and perseverance, which culminates in the return of our surplus value generated during years of incessant work, product of the intrinsic and inherited cooperation system, which in some cases can exploit us and in others is balanced.

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You will not always see everything as part of a conspiracy, things are what they seem, other times not understanding is derived by mythologizing, mystifying and stigmatizing, making us rethink arguments with previous meaning. To detect why programmed obsolescence is a financial method, rather than an event genuinely generated by attrition, we must go to the very bases of capitalism and the free market and investigate certain subtleties.

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Our most primitive offspring before being a civilization of great masses and nation states, used to group themselves in unnumbered tribes, it was the oldest form of organization, lacking in rules with a marked use of force to lead by itself, it was only capable if there were fertile lands, abundant food and water that would allow the development of a growth environment, limited
just for its logistics.

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The man to raise awareness primarily biological needs, learn by inertia and punishment, to survive we had to stay together, share knowledge, making it free, this being crucial to communicate objectively, was then when language allowed us to build links, interacting In more emotional ways and under regimes of respect, seniority and valuing the wisdom or experience, all these rules of coexistence, avoided reducing us to the danger of fighting with each other for short and ephemeral resources. This is mainly where the civilizing argument lies, we are all relevant.

We also understood that the construction of a shelter, the home and the defense of each one of the beings that made up those groups, was of vital importance, to protect the posterity of diseases, predators, external threats that implied dying prematurely.

All this would be the precursor and trigger of the exchange system known as mass economy, which was later deduced as capitalism or free market, which I will summarize in a word, "delegation" of activities, which is the same as cooperating for the maintenance of the society system, or city infrastructure.

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Another relevant factor was the specialization of man, initially in his various efforts to survive. The analogy born of cooperation was that a single individual, could not plant, make cars, planes, sidewalks, traffic lights, houses and also end up believing that he will have time for the rest of the physiological work, if he wanted to grow interpersonally, he had to professionalize himself, dedicating small fractions of their time to work managed in society of imperative need benefiting the rest of the chain, like a house of cards.

Money arises then as a method of checking efforts, which although it does not stop symbolizing that primitive barter, evolved to be the new portable exchange vector, light and somewhat less immutable before the scams.

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This metallic or coin was a tool that as a method of verification has the integrity to say in writing that we had dedicated man hours of work on some trade, that would benefit someone in the chain.

So remember when you change a ticket for a product, you will be changing your hours of effort that generated a value, for another value or object that reconciles that effort in an equivalent way to someone who does something that you can not for lack of time or ignorance.

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Now when we think about obsolescence and that conspiratorial resentment begins to corrode the tranquility of our conscience, we define well the bases that base the economy to understand if the cost benefit or hours of work on meritorious products are balanced and when they are exploited, notice the high effort on the little equalizing reward.

This without saying that there are other system variables that affect, not in a decisive way, but have to do with the oscillation of value such as supply and demand, in addition to the difficulty and scarcity to obtain such a resource.

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Now you can see if you are facing the conspiracy of a closed financial system, in a country where they may seek to enslave you, pressure you, weaken or devalue the currency or if you are simply part of a healthy and balanced economy.

Prosperity and long life, wish you @bluenarcolepsy

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