Money Manager Review: Lance Roberts,

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Here's my first money manager review:

Lance Roberts,

Lance Roberts is a chief portfolio Strategist / Economist for Clarity Financial. He's a 401k money manager, radio host, and much more! He's based out of Houston, Texas, and blogs almost on a daily basis. In addition, he writes a weekly newsletter which he typically deep dives into market fundamentals. I have been very impressed with his knowledge depth, and personally study his investing style in the longer term 401k investing tactics. I've been tracking him for OVER a year. His newsletter format is absolutely fabulous , packed with money making information.

He does a very good job on weighting allocations entering and exiting bull markets. Right now, he is 100% risk allocated, but is keeping a very close eye on price action. His style doesn't pick the exact bottom or top, but keeps you in during the bulk of the bull market.

He re-instated his goals from this weekend's newsletter, as quoted below.

"Our job as investors is actually quite simple:

-Capital preservation
-A rate of return sufficient to keep pace with the rate of inflation.
-Expectations based on realistic objectives. (The market does not compound at 8%, 6% or 4%)
-Higher rates of return require an exponential increase in the underlying risk profile. This tends to not work out well.
-You can replace lost capital – but you can’t replace lost time. Time is a precious commodity that you cannot afford to waste.
-Portfolios are time-frame specific. If you have a 5-years to retirement but build a portfolio with a 20-year time horizon (taking on more risk) the results will likely be disastrous."

Great stuff. I don't highly recommend very often, but he is a solid 9 out of 10 in my book.

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has any of my followers checked out this website? Its really, really good.