Disclosing my PnL curve.. Here's what my trading strategy has produced for me in 2017

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Hello investors!

Just a quick note about my blog. My contribution to the community will be to provide "my stock trades" in these treacherous markets. Now, most trading services would charge for market predictions and/or real time trades (even if they were good/bad), but I'm doing it here for free.

So, why am I providing my PnL? Simple, just some credibility really.

My edge comes from using cycle analysis to determine the beginning / end of cycles. I will be providing some tutorials soon on the terminology, so folks can follow the strategy easier.

Now , let's talk about this PnL curve (pic below). My point is not to disclose the value of my account, but rather, the shape of the curve with time. This curve is based on many trades which ride the best part of the cycles. Notice there's no major declines , and the curve is pretty consistent with a positive slope. This is an excellent sign that the strategy is effective. These are based on many equity ETF's and commodity trades like gold/silver. Some day trades, but mostly swing trades lasting from 5 to 30 days. I use non-leveraged and leveraged instruments.

I'm expecting another great year in 2018.

Follow me if you like. More posts on equity , crypto, and commodity trades coming soon.


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Your chart is a big vague. Are you saying you have tripled your money in the last 6 months? Or does the Y-axis not start at zero?


Hey bugged,

Not even close! This was just a snap shot from my broker's screen. The curve starts from my balance early last year which definitely was not zero.