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RE: Steemit Whales Stockpile SP: Government Spending Analogy and the Solution Revealed!

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While I agree with your post at the same time the platform could have been released on the blochain as just a decentralized social media site and instead chose to be ad free and reward users for contributing. Are there changes that need to be addressed? Of course! It's still in beta and I believe that those with a lot of voting power will want to listen to others requests, because in the long run that value will help them. I appreciate your post! Keep up the good work. I love the meaningful back and forth conversations this platform permits.


Thanks for your thoughtful reply, much appreciated. I'm glad you read the post and responded meaningfully.

Someone who takes the time to conceptualize an idea for an improvement that could help others here deserves to be taken seriously. Keep it up!

Upboats, thank you!