What the heck is going on today?

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What the heck is going on today? I live in Northern California.
I went to pay my Uncles PG&E bill and there was only one teller so the line was extra long but I always pay his bill every month so was standing there for about 35 minutes. Finally, I get my turn at the teller and the Teller takes my payment slip and I put the cash up on the counter and he plucking on his computer for a moment then he says "Oh you are paying in cash I'll need to see your ID." I'm like are you joking? He says "no if you pay cash I must see your ID". I then say well I always pay my uncles bill here and have never been asked for ID and I don't see any signs saying have ID ready when Paying your bill. He then says "that its new policy started last month on the 19th that when you pay with cash you have to show your ID". I then told him I did not bring my ID with me then he said "well then you can pay by credit or debit card or check". At this point I am like flustered and tell him like I just stood in that long line for you to tell me you will not take this cash to pay the bill, can you just cut me some slack this is not even my account and I think this is an invasion of my privacy to force me to show you my ID simply because I am paying with cash.
Then ask for my payment slip back and take the cash off the counter and I walked out. Then went to Walmart pay center and payed the bill with out anyone asking me for anything but the account number and a phone number for contact.
Does anyone see a problem with this or is it just me?
Does anyone think I should contact a lawyer?

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It's just you lol I got a good laugh on the contact a lawyer.

Thanks so much for your response now I know there are live people on this steemit.