Convert Your Steem Dollars to Physical Money to Spend or Withdraw Anywhere

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Hi guys,
So you are now fully loaded with #steem or #steemdollars from your amazing posts and you sitting there looking at a screen full of numbers wondering how to pull those numbers from the screen and into your wallet!

Well let me tell you how :)

You need one of these

Now i am making the assumptions that you know how to trade your steem dollars to bitcoin... If you don't then please search #steemit as there have been plenty of posts about this and i would only be repeating what others have already posted. A quick and easy version would be to sign up at either #bitrex or poloniex, transfer the steem / steem dollars there and sell them for #bitcoin (BTC from now on).

Ok so we have some #BTC sitting in our wallet and we would like to cash out some of that into cold hard notes! So let us begin.

Wirex is actually but is in the process of rebranding.
The site is not fully moved across yet but is still in the process so some things you have to log into for still. Once setup you can use the app for everything anyway so it is of little consequence. If you order a physical card it will arrive branded as Wirex.

Use this link to go to and register.

I have an affiliate link that will get you 25% off ordering new cards (physical or virtual).

Now you need to download the WIREX app, you can do this with the links below or search in your phones app store.

Once you open the app you will need to and log in, I will not bore you with screenshots as it is a very simple process.

Ok so once you have logged in you will see this.

Now before we go any further go to setting (top right) and enable PIN at the very least! You can also enable 2FA.

Ok so now we want to load some BTC into our account. Click the + in the bottom right and select the QF icon.

This will generate a BTC address for you to fund your wirex wallet with.

Send some BTC to that address and reopen the app, you will see it in your activity list like this. (Note it has a yellow bar currently as there are 0 confirms).

Click the transaction for details if required.

I was impressed as the BTC was credited to my account after only 2 confirms.

Ok now we have some BTC to spend, it’s time to set up a debit card. I live in the UK so the GBP card is most useful for me (obviously haha). I would like the option of withdrawing #cash from a normal #ATM (any ATM! not a BTC ATM). So click the GBP symbol at the top and select Order new card. You have to pay for the delivery of the card which at the current time was 0.026659 BTC (without the 25% off) (£13.28) for standard delivery

Or 0.078410 BTC (without the 25% off) (£39.07) for express delivery.

I chose standard and clicked confirm, the delivery amount was debited from my BTC.

Once I receive the card I will need to activate it in the app.
This will allow me to use any ATM that accepts MasterCard to withdraw up to £1600 a day.

For the sake of a complete tutorial i will now show you how you can set up a virtual debit card which we can use to buy things online if a physical card was not needed. It is a lot cheaper for this option and is activated instantly.

Ok so click on EUR (or whichever currency you prefer) and select order new card.

Then repeat the above steps but choose virtual card instead of physical. This will cost you 0.004710 BTC (without the 25% off) (£2.34)

Ok so in order to use the card for purchases we need to convert the BTC to Euro (or other currency depending on card chosen).
Click the + button and choose the card icon

Select the card you wish to add funds to.

Choose the amount you wish to convert from BTC to EUR

Then simply submit

Hey presto :) we have money on the card ready to spend!!

The process is very simple and I have gone into too much detail here but I wanted the post to be a thorough as possible :)

As I said above use this link for a 25% discount on all cards requested:

By the way i am not connected to this company in any way, i am simply showing you how to convert your steem to #FIAT if you need to.

Enjoy and don't spend it all at once :)

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Nice tutorial man! I think this will help out quite a few users who aren't as involved in crypto and understand the process of using a trade exchange as some of us are.


Thanks @stoner19, that's the plan mate. Its still a grey area for a lot of people! Hopefully this will help anyone who just needs a helping hand to get at funds quickly. We all know the benefits of crypto but sometimes you just need access to some cash!


nice post


This is realy nice. Wath a great idea, to make a card to use as payment with btc hehe.
This should ewery one have.
But is it registrated with full name and adress etc?
Or is it 100% annonymous like a Visa Spendon card?


I think it can be both @nippel66... you can sign up for one with limits or verify it to unlock the full amounts.


Nice, then we talk hehe :)

What about
They have smaller fees and a friend of me said he is very satisfied!
Anyone else with experience with this card?

Potent posting for our revolution! Thanks a bunch and namaste :)


Thanks @eric-boucher :)

In the UK circle offers the best fees. If circle gives me x what does this debit card give me? It must be x + something for them to be giving out a referral fee?

What about fees?


fees are 1 euro a month for the card.
Its free to use online and i think ATMs have a 1-3 euro / pound / dollar charge per withdrawl.


that's not so bad. anonymity?


if needed i beleive... It can be used as is...or verified to unlock the full amounts

Oh hell yes. I'm in the process of doing exactly this, right now.

To waste time, energy or resources in fiat currencies is a fools errand of the past. This is the fucking future.


We are all here to share in the birth of crypto @joshuanboles, this bridges the two nicely.

very nice option...good post

This how a great post should be, many people are loosing a lot of money by converting cryptos to physical money, hope your post hit 50k $ because it's very helpful


I hope so too @ben99 :)
I also hope this helps people get a step up in life that otherwise would not stand a chance!


Yeah it will help, you know how it works with fees in banks and other money converter website like

amazing, thank you for information


Happy to help :)

very good post you, thank you for information


No worries @bittrez :)

Thanks for the post! @b0y2k, this is very helpful because I was recently struggling with this situation. I complemented (NOT COPIED) your post to learn about other option of debit card besides the Wirex card.


Isn't it better to convert first SD to Steem before exchange? SD rate is very low. But I haven't investigated.


Good poinr @busser, the answer is 'sometimes' :)
You need to check the going rate for each and make a choice at the point when you are ready to sell. This is simply showing you how to convert them to physical cash in your pocket. As with all trading, there will be highs and lows. The good thing about Steem dollars is they are protected in a way to big market fluctuations.

Very very good infos so now i dont have take so many fee charges from others exchange site anymore . thanks mate this one very helpful .


No problem @rainchen, it also stops the massive BTC ATM charges!


Thanks for your effort to put this in one post .
Btw if you got some time i invite you to visit my blog :D

Thank you b0y2k..good article..

Thank you mate, that was really informative.


No worries @naroutos

very nice! i didnt know this one but i'm a xapo user and i defintelly recommend xapo. Very handy have a bitcoin debit card.


It is indeed @raphma, power to the people :)

Yes, please sign me up. Will it take 7 - 14 business days for it to arrive at my home?


It will be with you within 2 weeks mate :)
Virtual cards are instant though!

Great post!


Thanks @richman :) love making these!!

Or, you can go on a site like and have $$$ wired to your bank account.


Just giving real world options @positive

Wow. Seriously, technology is just amazing.


yes it is @daf :)

Is it legit?


Yes it is legit, it is backed by MasterCard and Visa.

Thank you @b0y2k ! i was needing one of these but i was a little skeptical about it. Did you ever had any problem with it(like missing money, abusive fees or something like)?


No its all been fine so far, I wouldn't think MasterCard or Visa would attach themselves to a company without significant backing.

Fees are all listed on the site and very reasonable.


Good to know, i'll sign up right now :D thank you for your tutorial!!


Wirex is a great product and they have been in crypto space for a while.


Agreed @pnc :)

Thanks a lot :)


Hope it helps @didier87000, i hope it helps the people who really need quick access to cash.

As someone who is new to this i appreciate the information. I'm familiar with bitcoin and use that regularly. I will also be reading up on how to convert to that. I've been reading posts and and it seems as though everyone knows how to use steem- post, reply, vote and get paid. I wont mind the money of course but I am really just a person who enjoys learning, reading and writing.

ths :)
you pay only for plastic card, or you need more for each month?


You pay for the card delivery yes, there is a monthly fee of 1 euro via sms.

nice! excellent.

Strange to say I didnt have to pay for the virtual card via app. In the browser version it also said it will cost something, then I just downloaded the app and it said 0$ to get the virtual one. But I got a € card, maybe there's a difference


I think you are right, it looks like the first virtual is free via the app if chosen first... As i chose physical i think it bipassed it... never mind :)

Kind of long but helpful. :) Worth it !

Thank you boy2k!


my pleasure @eneismijmich :)

I ordered 1 about 5 days ago @b0y2k. How long does it typically take to receive the card?


nice @themax37 :)
It takes max 2 weeks, so worst case 14 days from order :)

If you keep your eye on the profit, you’re going to skimp on the product. But if you focus on making really great products, then the profits will follow.


wise words @konti :)

great review :D keep em commin!


Thanks @ozmaster :), loving your chart posts!!

Thanks a really helpful tip to a newbie like me.


No problem @imdren :)

very awesome idea and post!
I think it's truly amazing how we're re-shaping the cryptocurrency world, and making it our own through new technology! People are creating useful things with their skills, improving the experience for others. I think that's great.

I'm also in the Technology Business and learning Swift Programming, I'd like to see more of your portfolio. Maybe we can work together in the future. Here you can read a little more about me :


Thanks for the positivity @sirwinchester :)

I actually saw this a while ago and was super pumped... then i realized its not available in the US.. theres actually one thats not quite as featureful available in the US i forget what it is though. You euros get all the good stuff


weird.. sorry im UK so i only checked Europe... seems weird as there is a USD card... can you not apply for one of those?


Yeah i agree completely, its a total cock tease. And i thought exactly the same thing about the USD card. if you check the application, wehre it asks for your address theres a country drop down menu and the US isnt on it... its even buried in their faq somewhere (i looked it up because i was so bummed) that they can't work with US or i think india residents.

Its really strange because typically, if something is not cool for the US, they just tell y ou at the outset when they detect your us ip address.


Strange... i wouldn't advocate it but it seems you can sign up and stay non verified?

I upvoted this so more people will see it. This is a really useful tutorial. Thank you much for this


nice one @timsaid :)

Very very good method to withdraw STEEM! Thank you so much!


My pleasure @xiaohui :)

Dude, you are a fellow UK living genius. I have been looking up online the easiest way to cash in some fecking money here and you my friend have just explained how!!

I am gonna do it!!! Wooooooot woot!!


haha i wish i was a genius! I am very happy to help out though @meesterboom! Get some cash behind you and come back stronger :)
Where are you based in the UK?

Didn't know such like this exists. Thank you for showing the steps on how to do this.


Actually using Coinbase the payout could be faster + less plastic.


That is an option @beyondzero, this was showing people a way to get instant cash or pay for things on the spot that coinbase cannot offer.


I actually have coinbase but it's for bits of bitcoins that I got from bitvistor. I was learning about cryptocurrency when started out last week on learning about this subject. It'sreally great to know your options.

steem creditcard so fantastic

The only thing I didn't like was that apparently I couldn't use this one in the U.S.
I have Xapo, but I haven't been able to get it either. With the verifications and all.


You can use it anywhere as far as i know as its mastercard, i understand they dont send to US residents yet though.


That is the problem. Unless I send it to Mexico, but I need a verified address there I believe.

thanks! Very nice article!


OK, so maybe Steem really is money :)


It is jasonstaggers :) Hopefully money for all of us

Do they deliver the card to my Country Nepal.... how do i find out...


SIgn up on the site or download the app @ashwim and check the dropdown box on the registration page.

you can use cexio or bitok to exchange BTC to USD and its very easy than e-coin, thank you for your post .


Od course you can @adlane007 but this is alot easier to access you money when you are out an about.

$AUD Please!? :c


Im sure more will come @shredlord

@b0y2k Nice tutorial! This is realy nice. and a great idea, to make a card to use as payment with btc or other altcoin.


Thanks @pandawabright, It would be great to have a card that was funded by all coins but for now this is fine.

good guide, great job man. :)


Nice Tutorial !! Your post isnt an origional thou...ill admit you did a better job :)


Thanks @skyzalimit, i didn't see your post before, im sure a few other people have posted similar things but the main point is that newer people coming to crypto get to know their options :)

Thank you


nice @michaellamden68 haha, reminds me of borat a bit... :)

I think that within a short time everyone will use this method you do not need any intermediary


It sure is a nice and easy to way to access your funds.

decided to order one and try it out, which one would I wanna get if I wanna withdraw my local currency, EUR since im in the EU zone?


Yes mate, i would think you would get the best results with that.

or you could try plutus in the future and earn reward points to convert back to fiat again.. mobile tap and pay

I suggest you all to have a look to the Steem Debit Card

It could help you withdraw your steem dollars everywhere

this is a bit like but better with crypto and it worldwide =]

The problem with Steem Dollars is there has to be a Steem Dollars to Fiat pair. The issue is you can't get enough Bitcoin for your Steem Dollars because there isn't enough demand for Steem Dollars.

Good tutorials. Thank post!

Very nice! I think I should give it a try

grateful for this great information

Nice @enyinugget