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RE: Why I Left Canada and Became A Citizen of the Dominican Republic

in #money4 years ago

Canadians on some levels are the ultimate sheep. We think our government is harmless and protective when in fact it is far from it. We are just better at hiding it. We are involved in all the nasty shit that our big cousin to the south is, just not as out in the open. We bomb, we torture, we sell weapons to dictators, we steal, we lie and we suppress. Concealing the truth behind a harmless looking flag is what keeps Canada a beacon of hope for many parts of the world. I think it was designed this way so that when it comes time to merge Canada, the US and Mexico into the NAU, Canada will be chosen to lead because we are perceived by many to be the only sane country in north america.....maybe all of the Americas. Never forget, our government is a scam just like every other government. We are just better at hiding.

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