Morning News Update 5/22/2018, Trade Signal and Chart, Euro Analysts

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Global equity rally continues on easing trade tensions.

TJX lifts full year profit guidance.

Clear Channel Outdoors (CCO) reported a disappointing -0.35 EPS.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is due to appear before European Lawmakers.

Italy 2-year yields up big in the past two weeks.

Brexit negotiations continue today with a new 'backstop' proposal.

U.S. House to vote on a bill to raise the level at which banks are systemically important.

Hedgeye out with a new GDP chart this morning.

New report out from Norwegian Central Bank explores the possibilities of Digital Currency.

Shield 3.0 coming soon, more info on May 25th.

Trade signal and Chart:

Euro Analysts:

At Arthursen we have current Steem price targets of:
Target for December of 2018: $7.00
Target for December of 2019: $20.00

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