Morning News Update 5/21/2018, The Simpsons, BCH Miners.

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Equity markets up on comments that the trade conflict is on hold with China.

Giuseppe Conte is the leading candidate in Italy government formation.

Recent U.S. Dollar strength is gaining attention in the Emerging Markets.

Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro won a six year term as president.

IMF might begin bailout talks with Argentina.

Bing Search Engine now banning or scaling back Crypto advertisments.

TRON up on the May 31st news.

Livecoin sites seems to be back to normal after last week's problems.

Russia and Iran talk about trading goods in crypto.

The Simpsons go Crypto:

BCH Miners:

At Arthursen we have current Steem price targets of:
Target for December of 2018: $7.00
Target for December of 2019: $20.00


At the end of 2018 I will make a decision. During this time I will try to keep my steem. Thanks

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