US Dollar Purchasing Power is Going to Tank If The Federal Reserve Doesn't Stop

in #money3 years ago

Unsurprisingly, the US Federal Reserve will not be stopping their Bailout of the Repo (Repurchasing) Market this month, nor the QuiEt money printing on the side, which basically means they're never going to stop unless they were to concede to market forces and let fair value be found once again on all fronts.

This doesn't bode well for the US Dollar, nor anything backed by the US Dollar. We can see in the chart that the US Dollar took some hits that coincided perfectly with the miraculous reversal in the stock markets yesterday. Coincidence?


This isn't some prediction, it's just fact. If the Federal Reserve continues, there will be hell to pay, and the working class will pay the price. Dollar devaluation is not a fun time, and the domino effect ripples through an economy in waves until people can barely afford to eat. To put it a different way, if the Fed doesn't stop, the USA would look like Venezuela by the 2020 election, and there's not much your average person can do about it except be prepared. Let's hope saner minds prevail, because otherwise


and Dollar devaluation is exactly what El Presidente is calling for every day on twitter, so any dumb ass who thinks that guy is going to save them is delusional. Just the truth, take it or leave it.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and have a good weekend.


With QE going to infinity, USD will debase to a level of insignificance.

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