The Path to the BIG MONEY

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The best selling book of Robert Kiyosaki is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

But my favorite lesson from him came from his book called "Cashflow Quadrant" where he reveals the path to having more money.

This is where he talks about the E-S-B-I quadrants of earning money.

E stands for Employee:
You have a job and Time = $

S stands for Self-Employed:
You own a job and Time = $$.

B stands for Business Owner
You own a System and People Work for You. So People = $$$

I stands for Investor
Money works for You.
Where $$$ = $$$$$$.

A Few Technical Notes on Kiyosaki's Definitions:

Being in B - business means a BIG business.
The question to ask if you're in B is if you can
leave your business for 1 full year, and it would
still grow... If your answer is no, then it's still in the S category.

Being in I means you're able to earn all of your
income just from investing. This means having millions
invested in different companies and you're living
off on the dividends.)

If you're looking to transition from E to S...
Then the primary skill you'll have to develop is
being able to sell yourself and your skills
to multiple customers/clients.

(Most Employees only have one client - their employer)

In the book, Kiyosaki also gives a roadmap of the usual path towards becoming rich.

That path is: E to S to B to I.

Many people start out being employed.
Then transition into being self-employed.
Then transition into being a big business owner.
Then transition into becoming a pure investor.

There's no shortcut magic bullet that will make you jump from Employee to suddenly a successful Big Business Owner or Big Investor.

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I wonder how many millionaires Kiyosaki has made both directly and indirectly?
He certainly changed my life, what about you?

his book is the reason why I quit being an employee.

good for you!

I did read about his book! Indeed he change my life view! The result, I have no job right now! Hehe

Be your own boss hehe

What I really found informative about this book was how it described each person's thought patterns and speech patterns.

And after learning the speech patterns of rich (self made) you can see why most E's are poor. An Employee's language is poor. Their actions are poor. The changes you need to become a B are to completely rewire how you think and how you speak.

I agree. You need to make a big change in yourself in order to move up.

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