If You want To Be Rich You Need To Avoid This!!

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I agree that being polite, courteous and being nice are the strength by us Filipino. In this post I'm going to discuss the bad habits that we have, that can hold our success in reaching financial freedom.

Bahala Na! Attitude

Bahala na! means whatever happens, happens. It's like your just waiting for the day to come and hoping for a good result.
Here is example of bahala na attitude
You ask your friend, "Did you review your lesson for today test?”
He answers, "Bahala na!”

Lotto Culture

Many of us is dependent in buying lotto tickets and hoping that we can hit the jackpot. Everywhere I go, when I ask the the balot vendor, tricycle driver and many others "How will you get rich?”they always give the same answer, "I buy lotto tickets.”This makes me sad because many of us are very dependent in the lotto. They think that lotto will help them getting out of the poverty. Only lazy people will depend in lotto because once you bought a ticket you only need to do is to wait for the draw day.

Manana Habit

One man said: "I will start to exercise tomorrow!”

You ask your friend, "Have you started investing?” He answers, "I'll do that after I get over my bills. Besides, God will provide for my needs…”

You ask your sister, "Have you renewed your insurance policy?” "Not yet! Been so busy. So far, nothing bad is happening with me anyway. And if something happens, you'll take care of my kids, right?”

Crab Mentality

I've met a lot of people who are afraid of what others will say. In our culture, some people will look down on you because you're aggressive. Some won't like it that you're aiming too high. Some won't like you any more because you're trying to succeed. Some will criticize you because you're becoming wealthy. Some will even create dirty gossip about how you got rich.

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A good summary of attitudes that will sabotage success. I think this applies to all of us in any part of the world.