How To Make Money Without Working?

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Make your money work for you?
The most or majority of the people work hard for their money. They rely on their jobs to survive financially.

The majority mindset be like this.
Make Money ----> Buy Things

However, the minority of the people have their money work hard for them. They make money through their job or business, and then they have their money work hard for them.

The minority mindset be like this.
Make Money -----> Buy Assets -----> Make Money

After seeing the mindset flow you should probably thinking on how to avoid THE MAJORITY MINDSET.

So The question right now is How Do You Do It?

Let me start it with this quotes.
Buy SEEDS, don't buy BANANAS

Let me explain what is the message behind the quotes. The SEEDS symbolize about the things that make you money. The BANANAS are the things that use up money. if you notice bananas has no seeds. The time you consume the banana, everything is gone, just like your money.

Please see example below of how the majority and minority do with their money.

Majority mindset:
Lucas wants to buy a new car so he goes to the dealer and buys a car for $30000. As soon as he drives the car off the lot, the car loses 11% of its value and every year his car price
goes down.

Minority Mindset:
Rose wants to buy a new car. So she takes the $30000 and buys SEEDS. She lets her money grow for a few years. Now she takes the money she made from her seeds and buy a car. She has now a new car plus the original $30000 and still, her seeds are making more money every month.

Maybe right now you are now more curious of how did Rose make more money and what the heck is SEEDS?

Rose invest her money in a PASSIVE investment. This is something that will pay you money for owning it.So you do the work in finding and buying the good seed. Then you let it pay you every month/year regardless of whether you work or not.

The most common example of Passive investment are:
Real Estate

Let's be clear here I'm not teaching you to where to put your money as I said before you will do the work in finding the good seed. I'm just here to be your guide.

Many people know investing their money can make them more money. We live in a society that when many of us want something they want it now. The majority of people aren't willing
to wait for something bigger in the future. They don't do so because it requires two things: patience and delayed gratification.

Patience means you are willing to wait or to sacrifice the short term happiness for a bigger goal in the future.
Delayed Gratification means is your able to resist the immediate reward and wait for a long but bigger reward

It takes time and hard work to obtain your goal in getting financial success. Only the people that are willing to sacrifice and live below there means can achieve the financial abundance.

To help you to keep moving forward always remember this.

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You are doing awesome. I like the fire. I am about it!

I'm really feeling it right now.

upvoted and resteemed...I'm financially educated by your post. Thanks

Thank you sir..

Good advice! I used to be in the majority mindset, but have come around. My seeds are Crypto, My writing platform, and most importantly the relationships I'm building around my passions.