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RE: Get Ready for a World Currency

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Thank you. I am delighted that others got enough value out of it to leave me such feedback. So I guess the past few years of my life wasn’t totally useless/wasted.

My recommendation is that the people who are awake avail of and improve decentralized paradigms. The Internet is composed of decentralized protocols such as BGP and TCP/IP. I recommend reading the free intro for The Starfish and The Spider. Having native American ancestry and having spent some time roaming in the wide-open solace of the western states of the USA (including West Texas), the story of the Apache appealed to me. I also admired how on Geronimo’s deathbed the very old man had the gall and strength to say he should have never surrendered and said it was better to be hungry and free than to be a slave in a circus of the USG. Ah that is me! (although being gravely ill or delirious from thirst can be torture)

As for more specific suggestions, I have to leave some work for other people to brainstorm and blog about (and I’m only one guy already overloaded with tasks). I think the successful are those who can motivate others to get involved and build on. Tim Berners-Lee and Linus Torvalds are for me examples to emulate.

Also encourage anyone who wants to try to summarize, rewrite with better prose, and split into a series of blogs. I hereby disclaim copyright and everyone has my permission to copy anything they want from my blogs. A (even non-conspicuous) link back would be appreciated.

I also thought we might get into brainstorming about recommendations in the comments.


Heh. Ted's video was entertaining. He could be right :)

Hopefully readers are aware that Ted Nelson created the term hypertext, which is the concept of the links and web browser we have on the Internet.

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