Why You Should Feel Good About Opening A "Give" Account Too

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Is it a challenge for you to have enough money for yourself at the end of the month, without donating some to charity?

Here's A Solution:

Today I was at the pet store buying dog food when the cashier asked me if I would like to buy a can of cat food to support their cat adoption program.

I said “yes”, and she asked: “what type of food do you want to give?”

I looked at the four different types of canned food on the counter, and told her to pick which type she thought was best because she is more familiar with what cats like than me.

She smiled and said; “this one”, picking up a beige colored can. It cost around $2.

After I paid, she thanked me again, and said she appreciated that I let her choose what type, because there is a rescue cat in the back that will only eat that type of food, and he needed to eat.

A Give Account:

The reason it was so easy for me to say yes to her request, is because I have a “give” account with $42.77 in it. When I deposit money, I take 5 percent of it and put it in a separate account to use for gifts or donations. I knew I had roughly $40 in that account, so I wouldn’t be short if I gave $2.

As I went about doing my errands, I noticed I felt better after leaving the store. I imagined that finicky little cat eating the food he liked. I thought it was cute that a hungry rescue cat would stick to his guns and hold out for the food he really wanted, and his spirit made me smile. Giving is its’ own reward, as long as you have planned ahead and are able to give, because it makes you feel good, and that is everything.

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