The Greatest Thing That Money Can Buy

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The Greatest Thing That Money Can Buy


Imagine that you wake up to an alarm clock. You just got a job out of college that starts you at 60k a year. You are excited and hopeful to start along in your career.

You get in your car that you just bought along with a 7 year car loan. You left your house that you bought with a 30 year fixed interest rate death contract. The payments are about a third of your salary and they will eventually lead to full ownership.

You get to your new job and immediately have a sinking feeling as the stress hits. High paying jobs come with high paying stress and effort.

It is now 1 year later and you are married with a child on the way. You are building your life (or the illusion) of success. The only problem is it is all leveraged.

In reality, you used your money to buy debt, not assets. You own debt, not a house and a car. Your perceived assets are liabilities.

How did our living breathing human in this story arrive here? He simply misunderstood the greatest thing that money can buy:


Now imagine with this new understanding the man quits his job, sells his house and car to get out of debt, moves into a cheap apartment and works for himself on his own business.

Leverage is elegant. Leverage for debt is not.

If you leverage a true asset you get rich.if you leverage your lifestyle with debt you get poor.

1 year later our man has a 200k a year business of which he takes a modest salary to live to increase that income next year.

During that year he was in fill control. He didn’t have to kiss a “bosses” (if you ever call another man boss you’re not doing it artful) ass for a raise. He makes his own hours and puts his family first truly. There is no “sacrificing” for the kids. He simply does what he wants and gets rich doing it.

Understanding the greatest thing that money can buy puts things into perspective and all artful actions follow correct understanding.

Don’t be like Mr. Debt loving leveraged money man and be like Mr. Business owning badass.

The greatest failure is not starting a business and failing. It is failing from the start by squandering your greatest asset: TIME.

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