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RE: Financial Collapse & Solutions in Natural Economy, Decentralization & Community Managed Natural Resources

in #money5 years ago

Great work! I too believe that decentralization is the solution to our dilemma.
I would like to point out that the US just handed control of the internet to the UN which is just as scary. Decentralization is what the internet is built on so we need to overcome there too. I would also like to suggest that we quit giving the global controllers that positive feed back of calling them elite.
They are more a parasite on the planet and the people.
I think these parasites are trying to crash this current system and replace it. This is our opportunity to replace it with our own ideas.


wow that is scary about the UN controlling the internet, but not unpredictable hey as we see what kind of agenda is unfolding. And I agree they are not elite, they are definitely parasitic entities in every sense of the word!

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