Ontario’s New $15 per hr Minimum Wage

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Things just keep getting worse for the province of Ontario. The Wynne government is expected to announce on Tuesday May 30 the new minimum wage coupled with new labour laws.


For those that do not understand economics, this sounds like a nice ‘bump’ in the employee’s standard of living. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. This will be a tremendous added burden placed on the mom & pop and small businesses that are already saddled with cumbersome regulations and legislation. $15 per hr to flip hamburgers and serve Tim Horton’s coffee is just going to create more self-serve kiosks at your favourite fast food hot spots.


Ontario already boasts the highest debt for any sub-sovereign state on the planet at a whopping $315+ billion. The province has one third the population and twice the debt of the state of California.


If the youth of Ontario think the job market is tough pickings now, they may want to look elsewhere in Canada for better opportunities or become a technician on installing and repairing self-serve kiosks and burger making robots.


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It is a fact that minimum wage creates unemployment. It is just another form of welfare. Instead of taxing wage earners it taxes the people who can least afford it by taking their jobs away. Isn't it better to have two people working at $7 per hour than only 1 at $15 while the other is unemployed? You are exactly right! Automation will wipe out these jobs anyway.

The national minimum wage in Australia is $17.70.

Wow! The entire country?

I call BS.

Well it is official. Ontario will raise minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2019.

Thank God I have permanent residency in another country. I might just leave Canada this summer.

I hope you're right. Here in Ontario they've been pushing for $15 for quite some time. Find out tomorrow.

Only people who have not tried to live on minimum wage would want to deny a living wage..

Disagree. The reason people try to live on minimum wage is because there is a minimum wage. With no minimum wage salaries are higher because the economy rewards those who work harder or have better skills. For lower level employees everyone has a job but has to accept a low wage. The good thing is that everyone is employed. Have you tried to live with no job? Without minimum wage there would be no unemployment.

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You arguments hold no logic... You can put the word slavery instead of minimum wage in your argument and it will have the same amount of logic you offer..which is not evolved from slavery days thinking .. Maybe you think slavery in us prisons is a good thing cause it is offering life experience..

It is already slavery. Taxing people to pay for prisons and welfare is just as much slavery as causing unemployment by creating a minimum wage. The best thing is for government to just get out of the way and let people take care of their families themselves without forcing others to pick up the tab.

Upvoted and followed.

Why stop at just $15 per hr? Let's just make it $20-$25 so we don't have to address it again in a few years time.

This way, people that serve my Starbucks can be paid just as much as my electrician or the carpenter that builds my house. They both share the same skill set and risks on the job right?

20 to 25 an hour is a living wage.. Meaning it covers a person who works full time basic expenses