Posible W pattern on Silver, big support at 16

in money •  last year

I am going to go long on this chart, Silver is touching a very strong support level, 16, the RSI is touching 30% and it at the low end of the Bollinger bars, but I will not take a long position until it shows a much strong sign that it going to respect the 16. If the support is a true one the chart is going to make a W pattern, my entering point will be 16.20 by no long of the 7 of this month. The only think that I really dislike is that the price broke the long run trend line

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-03 a la(s) 21.29.09.jpg


Be aware of the resistance of 16 dollars per Ag if it brakes it be Short it, if not lets go por a W pattern

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