5 Major Reasons Why You Will Never Be Rich

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Have you ever wondered why two friends with the same level of academic qualification never have same financial comfort in life? It’s called information. You will agree with me that “Knowledge is Power!”
Knowledge distinguished the rich from the poor folks. Learning to take responsibility of your life is a “hard nut to crack.” This is why many people worked all through their lives only to end in penury.

Being rich or broke is a result of our individual life decisions. Let quickly list below top 5 major reasons why you will never get rich;

  1. What would people say syndrome:
    This is a menace among us today. You might unable to achieve your desired financial goal if you keep listening to what people will say about your life. You know what? Nobody really care about you. If what you’re doing is legitimate, you don’t need to be bothered about people’s opinion.

  2. Risk Taking:

Life itself is not fair. Not taking risk in life is a risk on its own. You need to take that risk Today, face that your fear and conquer it for good. Being over-cautious has made so Many people lost their life fortunes. If you’re adverse risk taker, then know you’re just sitting on a gun powder yet to explode you into life- long poverty. So, do you have a great plan today? Go for it.

  1. Working for others all your working life:
    Depending on a paid employment during your working life might make you comfortable during those times of your life, no doubt. What of if the income stops due to age retirement or retrenchment, what will happen to your family? Think about it.

  2. Not willing to pay the price:
    The word “Success” has many friends and it’s desired by all. Very few persons are willing to pay the price for success. “Nothing is free not even in free town!”
    Don’t get me wrong please; prices might be by getting a business mentor in your field, learning a marketable skill, reading books of great Authors, leaving your comfort zone, and so on.

  3. Procrastination traits:
    This problem cut across all age group. As the popular saying goes “Procrastination is the thief of time.” Never buy into the postponement of that plans of yours. Are you seeking employment in an oil company? Are you seeking new business opportunities this year? Then get started now. Life promise no one fortunes, only persons that dare life consequence get best results.


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