VidYen 2.3.0 Planned Update - XMR Fork

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VYPS 2.3.0 Update - The future is near!


Just some developer rambling here...

As many of you have heard, Coinhive is shutting its doors on March 9th when the XMR Fork happens.

I am not entirely sure what their reasons are, but suffice to say VidYen will continue the goal of providing legitimate browser mining to WordPress admins, but we are going to shift from mining pure XMR for altcoins while still using MoneroOcean for the payouts in XMR.

I have already done testing and the Webminerpool update appears to work fine so there will be little need for end users to do other than update their VidYen Point System plugin to 2.3.0

The main issue is that hash rates will vary widely depending on which of the alt coins is being browser mined so rather than pegging rewards to hashes worked, I've set it to "Valid Shares" earned which is pretty much the effort the user mines toward XMR.

Because MoneroOcean is a algo switching pool, it automatically picks the alt coin that is most profitable and tells the client to mine to it on the fly so the most profit is made.

From my testing I've seen anywhere from 400 H/S to 10 H/s on my i7 Intel but the Valid Shares appear to be consistent.

Also... I have updated the miner interface a bit to be more flexible in this regard and the client will let the user know immediately if hashes are being mined (unlike the painful wait of earlier versions) and if a server crashes mid-mine the JavaScript will attempt another server on the list until it can mine again.

So if everything goes as planned the update should happen before the 9th as we do not need to update the miners when the XMR block switches as it will be mining other pools.

There will still be the option for the admins to chose a custom pool or run their own, but the API will have to be manually entered.

Any questions, feel free to comment or ping me on my discord!


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