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RE: Understanding Monero Cryptography, Privacy Part 2 -- Stealth Addresses

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Just one question, if you don't mind. In your opinion, why is there so much talk about zcash? It seems like all the good things I've heard about zcash already exist with Monero, but the crypto for Monero is already tried and true and peer-reviewed. I guess I just don't understand what zcash is trying to do exactly that would make it better than Monero?


well, some well known angels and VCs have invested in zcash, so they are running it like a company / brand with marketing and everything. Monero like all other FLOSS projects without premines or capital raises, relies heavily on community involvement and word of mouth marketing. Bitcoin is an example of FLOSS success. Ethereum is an example of corporate success.

And for that matter, corporate failure...

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