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GUI v0.13.0.3 'Beryllium Bullet' released!


Do not forget to update your wallets. The new GUI version is

You can download it from

You ought to perform the following steps:

  1. Download the new binaries (the .zip file (Windows) or the tar.bz2 file (Mac OS X and Linux)) from aforementioned download links.

  2. Extract the new binaries to a new directory / folder of your liking. This is the easiest and recommended way.

  3. Open monero-wallet-gui1. It should automatically load your "old" wallet2.

  4. If you're running a local node, the integrated daemon (monerod) will first have to convert your database to a new version. This may take a few hours and the GUI may show that it's Disconnected. I'd advise to simply let it run and after the database conversion has completed the GUI will connect back to the daemon (monerod).

(1) On Linux you ought to start the GUI with the script, i.e., ./

(2) If, for some reason, the GUI doesn't automatically load your old wallet, you can open it as follows:

[1] On the second page of the wizard (first page is language selection) choose Open a wallet from file

[2] Now select your initial / original wallet. Note that, by default, the wallet files are located in Documents\Monero<wallet-name> (Windows), Users/username/Monero/<wallet-name> (Mac OS X), or home/username/Monero/<wallet-name> (Linux).

Lastly, note that a blockchain resync is not needed, i.e., it will simply pick up where it left off. To reiterate, however, a database conversion is required, which may take a few hours and the GUI may show that it's Disconnected from the daemon (monerod).

Brief release notes
A revamped Settings page
Plug-and-play Ledger support for all operating systems
A new pirate language
Lots of bugfixes and performance improvements
Note that, on Linux, you may have to apply this guide:

GUI / monerod v0.13.0.3 does not start on Linux because of “./monero-wallet-gui: error while loading shared libraries:"

Known issues
There's an issue on Mac OS X, which will be fixed soon:

A quick resolution may be found here:

Guides on how to get started

Older guides: (These were written for older versions, but are still somewhat applicable)

Sheep’s Noob guide to Monero GUI in Tails

Ledger GUI guide:

Note that GUI v0.13.0.3 includes Ledger plug-and-play support for both Mac OS X and Linux. The guide will be updated soon.

Guides to resolve common issues
I am missing (not seeing) a transaction to (in) the GUI (zero balance)

I am using the GUI and my daemon doesn't start anymore

Transaction stuck as “pending” in the GUI

My GUI feels buggy / freezes all the time

My name contains a special (non-ASCII) character (e.g. é, ø, â, Ö) and I can't create a wallet with the GUI

The GUI uses all my bandwidth and I can't browse anymore or use another application that requires internet connection

How do I move the blockchain (data.mdb) to a different directory during (or after) the initial sync without losing the progress?

How do I change the language of the 25 word mnemonic seed in the GUI or CLI?

My blockchain is stuck, how do I “unstuck” it?

I am using remote node, but the GUI still syncs blockchain?

If your blocks remaining is jumping around all the time I'd also advise to use this guide:

Using the GUI with a remote node (light functionality)

Adding a new language to the GUI

If, after reading all these guides, you still require help, please post your issue in this thread and describe it in as much detail as possible. Also, feel free to post any other guides that could help people.

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