Bitpetite Supporting Monero

in monero •  last year

So I've been investing in bitpetite for almost a month now and so far I have been satisfied with everything they have been offering. Last night they did experience some down time for maintenance but were back up after a couple of hours. Here is the really exciting news now though according to sources that are in contact with Bitpetite on a regular basis they are suppose to release support for XMR (monero) investments this weekend! So now that means that you can invest BTC/ETH/LTC/ and now XMR after this weekend and get 147% return on investment. I'll link to a youtube vid by DJ naydee which talks about this in more detail below. Please follow/upvote and keep up with my own Bitpetite journey here on steemit.

By the way yesterday was my latest reinvestment and I was able to make an investment after only 2 days of my previous investment, the compounding amount is starting to get real.

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