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Monday Madness! Start your week with a smile.

Gosh, it's Monday again!!! What to do, what to do on this dreadful and awefulllll day?


Come and promote your own post on Monday Madness and have a good start of your week!

Guess what? We are doing it again TODAY and we hope that you will join US! Because together we can have so much more fun and happiness! Why always be serious? There needs to be time for laughter and happy bubbles in between! The start of the week is not always FUN BUT.... Join us for a laugh and a share and your week will start better from now on for sure!

Tonight, we are going to change things up a bit and surprise the people who will attend! What it's going to be is going to be duuhhhh surprise but be ready! Perhaps you will talk more than you thought you would!


It's that time of the week again... Yupp Mondays... Dreadful, painful Monday! BUT... FEAR no more because from NOW on your MONDAYS will be the best ever! Come and join us on YOu Got Snekked for the Monday Madness with Bug and Snek!


You can promote your post (On voice only) and this will hopefully bring you more eyes on your amazing post! Next to this we will make sure to have fun! Because that is the most important thing! We want to make people happy and in days and times like these, we all can use a little more laughter! We are doing this show on our own wicked little ways so you might up ending laughing your socks off, or your pants!

Feel free to invite all your friends as well if they want to promote a post! Everyone is welcome to join our group! Posts from all platforms are welcome as well because you got snekked is active on multi platforms!


Monday Madness with Bug & Snek!


Ever felt like Monday is the worst day of the week? Like Mondays should be banned from life?

Fear no more! We are here to turn your miserable Mondays into MONDAY MADNESS!


To be able to be on the show you need to be in our Discord group! So, don't hold back and slither your way in there so you can be part of something amazing!! ((Cough cough))

Hope to see you there!

Bring a good post and a smile and we are ready to go!

Best wishes
@thebugiq & @poeticsnake

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It's a pity that because of the time zone, my Monday is almost over and Tuesday will come soon, and so I would gladly hang myself :)I hope you have a good time.

I will be delighted to join in the Show madam, being a long time. Share your post and smile big upon receiving heavy upvote on your post. Got snekked.

Nice to hear this but what a change in time zone this is. As we are about to enter tuesday here