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A father cannot make a mistake
He who is not submitted to authority cannot command authority.
Every man is a product of his father. A son need
Romans 12:11
Daniel was a prophet and a politician
1.You must maximize and understand how to manage your time.
2.Convert your breach time (bathing etc) to productive hour.
3.Buy time
4.Be dedicated.
What is the reality of life?
Formula makes the difference.
If you preserve your self, God will keep you.
Don't focus on earthly things.
Put the effort and God will drive you.
-Cs. Oyinkro Christian Owoupele
You must have a purpose and a drive
A man is a LION. And When He Roars, every one Submits

Hebrew word for man is GAZA -Load Bearer and Carrier
There is a spirit Business School.

What is the Foundation for Christspur,
What is the foundation for my Gas Engineering? Is it mathematics, physics, Chemistry, Economics?
If God is yippie creator, your destination is the Garden.
Garden speaks of 'Nurture'
It is a daily thing to nurture it
God expects man not to be a farmer but a gardener.
And when the woman looked, she saw a gardener.
Restoring Gods Garden Concept

When a servant of God is in a place, There is always a presence of Gods Glory.
-Cs. Oyinkro Christian Owoupele

The Most important quality a man must possess is to define himself.
-Cs. Oyinkro Christian Owoupele

Genesis 2:9
God wanted an excellent place to be for your children
When Adam opened his eyes, He saw a garden that is beautiful to sight and not to his spirit.
Genesis 2:9 (KJV)
1.Decor- Pleasant to sight.
Don't live in a place that you don't like
2.FOOD - There must be food.
If there is no food in Gods house He will ensure that there is no food in your house.
3.CHRIST- The light of Salvation.
Christ must be present represented by His Word.(Christ is the Tree Of Life) Joshua said i and my family must serve the Lord. Everyone in your house must know Christ and preach Christ.
4.Knowledge - your Children must go to School. It must be a knowledge based place. Everyone must go to School.
Every man is born blank. If your child becomes wayward, It is because you allowed him to.
5.Income- Something was coming into the Garden. (Genesis 2:10) man must have at least four Streams of income.

To dress the Garden and to Keep the Garden. ABAD and SHAMA- Hebrew word
That is mans responsibility.

God does not expect us to run the world like a society but like a family. And that is the love Structure.

Genesis 14:14
Abraham was the only man that was referred to as the friend of God.
James 2:23
2 Chronicles 20:7
Isaiah 41:8
Luke 16:23 - When people die, They were found in Abrahams Bosom.
Genesis 14:14- Armed his Trained (Initiate)
This was used only used once in the Bible.

Purpose of Christspur
God expects you to pick some people and put them in your garden and when the become matured expansion takes place and they get their own garden.
Christspur is a Garden of Christ and we initiate people inside, making Christspurs.

If every man was to control his garden, There won't be any need for the police.
When a man dies and his children are left without a father You as Christspur should 'initiate' and bring them together, making Christspurs.

devil imitates God' Structures but he does not understand these structures.

Genesis 18:19 -God Testified of His Friend.
Abraham wasn't negotiating with his Children , He commanded them.


It is the failure of man that we see on the street.

Abraham raised people, Commands people . Abraham has no Children but he had over 600 people eating in his house and following the way of God.

God thought Adam but he failed, He taught Abraham and Abraham adapted and initiated people into the GARDEN CONCEPT.

When your wife has a lot of money, That is just one of the streams of income.

A man is a Gardener.
@Jesus @Abraham

Abraham' house hold still remain the richest and influential on earth today.
@Facebook @AlbertEinstein

Love don't have to be absent for fear to be Present.
-Dr. Isaiah Wealth

When Adam allowed devil to come and play with his wife, The garden became messed up. Guard the garden. -Dr. Isaiah Wealth

I discovered something on Saturday, 3rd Of March 2018 that my dad grew up without a spiritual father and when he had exhausted his morals and all he knew about 'fathership' so he could not impact in me any more , The Grace Was Over.
-Cs. Oyinkro Christian Owoupele


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