Moments of Disappearing Life

in moment •  3 months ago 

Without realizing that we can spend all our lives in a loop without end of this complex emotions. We may not allow us to be aware of what lies beneath our emotional state. This denial effort does not help the disappearance of those emotions and energy, we just sweep under the carpet.

As a result of this ignorance, we often feed our numerous negative behaviors (according to ourselves) that we are trying to correct, completely numb or reflect our emotions to others, blame others for our feelings, and even engage in our environment and ourselves. Furthermore, we are losing our access to the sweetest and most cheerful aspects of our hearts by continuing to keep our feelings away.

Perhaps we should intend to get closer to ourselves when the moments of these disappearances come to us. We must intend to approach ourselves honestly and to do so in deciding on something when we talk to a friend in everyday life.

We can learn what it means to project our true selves into the world by opening the deepest part of our hearts. Obviously, we can allow ourselves to stay in the flow, curiously.

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