6 Weeks Postpartum

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  Hi steemit! Bringing our daughter home was wonderful and terrifying all at once. My sister had been to the house to take care of our dog and clean up then my husband's parents came and stayed with us for a week. I will forever be grateful for his mom. She did the laundry, cooked a few meals, vacuumed and walked our dog everyday, plus snuggled with her new grand baby so I could finally get some sleep. The first 6 weeks were a blur. There were fights about who would change the diaper and many hours of just watching her sleep or more often not sleep. I quickly tried to get a feeding schedule in place; she ate every 3 hours on the dot and after a week or so slept in 3 hours stretches at night. We were and are amazed that we made her and she is perfect. At 6 weeks, just when I thought I would not make it another night, she slept 6 hours straight. She also gave me her first real smile at 6 weeks. The advise that I would offer to new parents is to accept all offers of help, being able to sleep instead of having to do laundry is priceless when your nights are full of dirty diapers and tears.  

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Ah yes, I remember those days. My youngest is now 18 and we've all survived. At one point I had 2 in diapers and one potty-training. I may have repressed a lot of those memories, or I may have been just brainfarted the time due to lack of sleep. LOL
Congratulations on your bundle of joy. :D

LOL! I feel like I need to take pictures of everything so that I don't forget.

by virtue of sleep deprivation, you will most likely forget. LOL
And when child 2 & 3 come along the number of pics usually drops off significantly...at least in my experience of being a child and then having 3 of my own. HAHA. Treasure these moments and by an SD card to save pics from your phone or you won't have any room for cool mommy apps. LOL

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