The Way we practice as A Worship team

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Hi there to all my fellow steemians,

On January 06, 2018 we practice our song for January 07,2018.

First we eat our snacks togeher with the team.IMG_20180106_180044.jpgThi is our snack for that evening.


After done eating of course we don't forget to read a bible which is to lead by Princess Joy.
After the word of God i take picture to them before they practice.IMG_20180106_190516.jpg

IMG_20180106_190440.jpgAnd finally our practice is done i am the one who take pictures to them.

Thats for now my fellow steemians see you guys for my next blog.Thanks lot

This is me @lorner....!!!

God bless you everyone......!!! Happy steemit.

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