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Let us not forget that everything we see on earth is the work of woman.
Look around all powerful women have millions of problems in themselves and most of all they need a shoulder and a life partner.

It is necessary to appreciate the women of this style in the period when the woman's man beat her man. In the past, women ask the first person they met the house do you have a car, the roles have changed now. Men ask this question. Since the conditions are too heavy, they are looking for working women, at least they want their own private expenses.

Then, when the woman becomes successful and ascends in her career, problems begin in our patriarchal society. Women sit in your house, makes food, etc. in You want women as you want, as a country, we are a patriarchal country.

And among all men, even the most modern have a conservatism, oppressing the woman, entering the complex when the salary is high. We can't change that. Most men want what they see in their wives. They live with their mother's profile.

This causes problems with time and even goes to divorce. If we don't want to deal with this, we women should always stand on our own feet, invent business and keep our minds busy. Then the current problems become a little more retractable?

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