Gothic window, one step further

in #model3d2 years ago (edited)

It took some time to model the concrete surrounding of the center glass but I finally got something close to the reference art work.

Window 1.1.1.png

I was not really happy with some of the details, even though they are not really evident on the first image. Here is a close up of one of the pieces in the center

Window 1.2.0.png

This looked a lot better (based on the reflections view mode), but the color was a bit odd so I started experimenting with the materials to approximate the reference art work

Window 1.2.1.png

I rendered the model completely this time to check the color adjustment

Window 1.2.3.png

Nope, this was way to pale so I tweaked it a bit

Window 1.2.2.png

This was more like it, so once again I needed to render the model so far

Window 1.2.5.png

This was much better, now to model the rest ...

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