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I feel like this is taking forever, even though there is progress. Somehow I need to get more organized and really pay attention to the workflow because most of the time I'm investing is on fixing "unexpected" tools behavior.

Window 1.3.0.png

Every time I'm one step further, there seems to be a "little" annoyance about the previously created topology that makes me want to start all over again. However, I've decided that the next model will be better so here we go again ....

Window 1.3.1.png

I'm trying to see the model from different angles and somehow I wonder how other modelers seem to have the perfect modeling composition, materials and illumination at their disposal. For me it remains a challenge.

Window 1.3.2.png

Somehow the image seems to be overexposed so I'm tweaking it a bit, but this is definitively an art form that I have to master ....

Window 1.3.3.png

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