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Is there any time you find yourself with less interest in exercising or staying a healthy life? Before you were most dedicated and enthuasiatic till the interest start fading and you decide to continue with your old habits. However you don't need to worry because simple tips can make you regain the interest of staying a healthy life.

role model: since your childhood there is something or someone that you take as your role model. Barbie dolls are a good example to many because they are six feet tall , they have a very thin waist , extra inches in chest and thin legs that many kids prefer to be role models when they grow up. Stay cool and rethink your role model and then after you will be able to accept yourself. you will also get motivated to start going to gym everyday for an hour which is enough to keep fit.

Feeling good: always feel good about yourself. Don't stress yourself about your look or healthy condition. Also the people you stay around with matters alot. if you have friends who encourage you to take alcohol, skip gym or smoke, then you need to style up and find people who will encourage you to stay a healthy life. Also eating healthy food and exercise help in staying fit.

What makes you eat more: if you want to stay a healthy life, then you must know your weakness areas. when you are depressed, lonely or even boredom , do you use food to cope up ? if yes then think well the best way you can do to avoid eating much. You can decide to listen to music, watching movies or any other hobby you love.Also when you are tempted to eat you can replace your plate with fruits or veggies because they are healthy .

Cheering section: everyone need a person who can help in mastering their determination and courage.This is where you need to focus on the person who cares more .maybe a co-worker , a friend, your spouse or even one member of your family. Talk to such people when you need help and that way you will be able to stay a cool and a healthy life.



Great post, thanks for sharing

thank you so much. more coming

These are good tips :)

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