Mobile Strike For PC: How To Download & Use On Your Windows Computer

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With a sturdy base and a powerful army, you will have all the assets to win the victory on the free-to-play Mobile Strike for PC.

Download Mobile Strike For Windows PC

To download this PC version of Mobile Strike, simply click on the link below:


More Information About Mobile Strike

Welcome to a world of war and violence. What would be a horrifying scenario in real life is an excellent opportunity for this mobile game, in which your goal is to build a powerful army capable of repelling any enemy. In your headquarters, you will have to constantly develop new strategies and plan the expansion of your base ...

An impregnable base to secure victory

The key to winning on Mobile Strike is planning and building your base, or HQ, which will be your main stronghold against enemy attacks. After all, all the other players on this strategy game have the same goal as you: this means that any of them will potentially be your next threat. If you do not want to retreat every time the danger approaches, you will need to prioritize the expansion and fortification of your base. From design to construction, you decide: never neglect your defenses on this war game.

Military troops at your command

Your army will be led by a commander, who will need training to inspire respect. You will need to train him, increase his level, and provide him with an appropriate arsenal so he can lead your troops to victory. On Mobile Strike, the composition of your troops is important, but also the skills of your commander.

You can find 16 different types of troops, which of course have advantages and disadvantages that you must balance as best you can. If you do not feel an attack against some opponents, it is possible to ally with other players - you know the saying, "unity is strength."

Join Arnold Schwarzenegger and immerse yourself in the action with Mobile Strike , a multiplayer action game shouting realism.

In Mobile Strike on PC, you take part in a modern war alongside players from around the world. To triumph over your opponents, build your base, build an unstoppable strategy, train elite troops, and lead your men onto the battlefield.

Mobile Strike offers you to form alliances with other players to double your chances of winning. Note that you can command up to 16 types of troops incorporating 4 different military levels.

Finally, Mobile Strike puts at your disposal numerous sophisticated offensive vehicles that you unlock during your progression, an arsenal of competition and modern strategic units.

Mobile Strike Tips and Tricks


Missions are an essential part of the success of your base in Mobile Strike PC. You should always fulfill your upcoming missions proposed by the game directly. Especially at the beginning of the game you can fulfill many missions in an instant with the free Speed ​​up Buttons and collect the rewards for these missions.

  • In addition to the basic missions, there are also the daily, alliance and VIP missions that you should always start if possible.
  • But do not forget to pick up your rewards for the missions. This you get only after you have tapped on pick. So, if you make many rewards at once, you can use the bonuses in the worst case less intensely than if you collect the bonuses spread over a longer period of time
  • On the other hand, by not picking up the rewards, you can also protect your resources from the rewards from enemy attacks. So it may make sense to collect the rewards only when you need them.

Get Mobile Strike Gold for free

With the help of the gold mine, you can give gold to your friends and alliance members for free. All you have to do is connect Mobile Strike to Facebook and build the Goldberg Building. Then you can send gold to your friends for free and vice versa.

Change Mobile Strike Base Name

If you want to change your name to Mobile Strike, you can do it in different ways.

  • In order to be able to change in your name in Mobile Strike, you need an item "Change player name"
  • If you have this item you can find it in the item menu under "Special"
  • You can do the same if you want to change your base name or alliance name. For the base or alliance name you need of course the corresponding item.

Change Mobile Strike profile picture

If you would like to change your profile picture, you can tap in Mobile Strike under the menu item More-> Profile and then on your profile picture. Then you come to a page with profile pictures from which you can choose a new picture.

Collect supply boxes

In Mobile Strike, you will find a supply box at the bottom left of the screen, which you can open again and again after a timer expires. The more boxes you open, the more items you get for free. For the permanent opening of the boxes, however, you need an Epic War Account, for which you can simply sign up via email. In addition to the items, you also get 500 gold for signing up.

Mobile Strike VIP

By playing Mobile Strike on several consecutive days, you will receive a VIP Points Bonus that will allow you to unlock multiple VIP levels. With each level you get more VIP benefits. If you want to activate your VIP status, you can select your VIP bonus under the menu in the upper left corner and activate it for 24 hours.

Use Mobile Strike Chance

During the missions in the game, you'll see a flashing Chance button in the lower right corner. The Chance Button allows you to renew your Daily Missions, giving you the chance to earn missions with better rewards. The whole thing goes either with an item for new chances or against gold.


Your Commander will climb up in his level over time and earn skill points that you can use again for the Commander's abilities. You should be careful to set your skill points to match those of your base. Whether you want to align your ability tree in the direction of economy or attack is up to you. To distribute the skill points you will also find a Mobile Strike for PC Commander Guide .

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