The Discovery is the new technology of Mobile Security

in mobile •  last year 

Scientists are continuing to research some of the most advanced phone security systems every day. After many experiments, the new technology has been successful. This information technology will come in handy green signal. The study of this sophisticated technology is going on in a university in Israel.


Under the supervision of Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering, three professors are conducting this research.


In their study, 'Touch' has been given the highest priority in mobile phone security. A smartphone user's finger touch 35 will be installed in the already used mobile technology, so that if a mobile phone is stolen, it will not be able to steal any type of information thief from the mobile. Mobile user can be opened only in touch with mobile If you do not have a touch match, the message will be delivered within 14 seconds of the mobile phone and the real user of the mobile user.

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