MWC 2018: What to expect from the world’s biggest phone show

in #mobile3 years ago

We're going to see some big announcements from Samsung, but we're also looking forward to seeing what LG and Sony have this year. Neither of their devices have leaked, so we're still in for a surprise.

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I didn't even know about this show! I look forward to the reporting!

So weird that they decline payment and just post a link to story.

Is it because posting the direct article here would put the ownership into question? Since the content would be on the blockchain and available to competing sites?

I wonder if it has something to do with if they take payments from people on this site we are commissioning the work? Maybe some sort of copyright issue there?

If you keep in mind that Oath is a giant multi-national corporation that operates in the fiat world, and consider how they operate socials on every other distribution platform, everything you need to know is right there ;)

True, which is why I was mind blown when I saw Engadget on Steem. Nice work :-)

Glad to see @engadgetnews back posting!

I read the last post but can you explain why you are choosing to decline payouts?

I bet it's b/c they don't want to pull viewers away from their page, which is where the majority of their revenue comes from. Just give us a teaser and draw us to them.

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