Steemit Mobile App Release This December... Buy The Rumor???

in #mobile6 years ago

My favourite slide from SteemFest²

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 5.19.45 PM.png
(screenshot from the live stream - watch here)


This is not professional investment advice. I am not an expert. Please do your own research and invest at your own risk. These are just my personal thoughts and opinions.



Crytpos love rumors. Keep 'em coming.

Great rumor to spread. Yup, I was there too and I heard @sneak also. We'll see soon.

Yeahh fomo on steem is great! :D :D

I guess a little fomo never hurts 😎 (at least when something is probably undervalued lol)

Interesting rumor...might be a pump moment

btw, i'm really digging these dan.

OMG ! You without your sunglasses :D And what a background ?! It change from your car / the nature :D :D :D Ot's more futurist LOL

But yes... @sneak made a rumor.... maybe for Christmas ? But at the end, do we really need it ? The esteem app and the Steemit website works pretty well on mobile ;-) I would prefer them release the SMT !! :D

And about this buy the rumor... Just create content ! And trade your SBD for STEEM :D It's already amazing !

And by the way...

Pull de noel.jpg

Yeah, no more sunglasses for the winter since I have to vlog indoors now or my camera freezes lol 😎.

Yeah 2, esteem is a great app!!! but it's not Steemit.

Yeah 3, that's the beauty of Steemit... if you prefer, you can invest time instead of money!

such an awesome sweater lol

Oh yes.. it's also winter at your place ! I forgot it :D

How is this not already a thing? Steemit is a cutting edge social network. Eveyone is already accessing it through their phone's browser. There needs to be an official app.

It's been in the works for a while. I think it's going to be impressive.

Very well spoken @dan-atstarlite! I share a lot of your sentiment! I too am holding for the long term!


I do not use it but eSteem has been out a long long time, mobile app wise, and that is a pretty decent dev and app from what I know, you see people using it every day, you can tell on their vote trails.

I am back to being FIRST on your YT direct comments again and it just feels right


Yeah, eSteem is great! Nice 😎 lol

This is much needed. Currently, I have added Steemit icon in my mobile's home screen and using it via that icon.

That's what I do too!

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