Unstable and Temporary Emotions

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You will realize that true love is not only a severe, spontaneous feeling, but a deliberate choice of two people to love each other in bad days, health in sickness. Of course you can't choose who you find attractive; but you can definitely choose who you fall in love with, and more importantly, who you will fall in love with.

Our society emphasizes emotions abundantly. We are always learning to do things that allow us to follow our feelings and to be happy. However, emotions are extremely unstable and transient. True love, on the other hand, is like a pole star in life storms; fixed, precise and real. Whenever we lose ourselves or have confusion, we can find power in the love we choose.

Already life compares us with plenty of spontaneous events: rejections, job losses, heart breaks, sadness, diseases, disappointments. We can't leave the ship in every storm we have entered into. True love is about to overcome the storms of life together.

My grandmother was suffering from MS when she was in her fifties; his body had lost the ability to communicate with the nervous system. Within a few years, she lost her ability to walk and remained in a wheelchair. My grandfather, who was a cop at the time, retired two years before he planned to take care of his wife. She was helpful in everything from everything, from going around the house to taking her to the doctor, taking medication and bathing.

My grandfather once told my mother: dem This is how I see him. You know, when we got married, I thought everything was going smoothly. I never thought I'd help him change his probe every day. But I'm doing it and I don't mind; because I love her.

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