Why Financial social network

in mmmglobal •  2 months ago

Global Mutual Assistance Cash Desk, World People's Bank, Financial Social Network - whatever you like to call it. The point is not in the title. The bottom line is that this is a voluntary, informal association of millions and millions of people all over the world who have rebelled against financial slavery. Decided to declare war on the Fed and the banks. (And to win this war !!) And united their capital for this. Let everyone individually be small, but there are many, millions of people, and together this is already a force. Great power! Invincible !!! And every day everything is growing.

After all, due to what banks themselves exist? (They are spitting blood.) At the expense of the oligarchs? Billionaires? No, at the expense of the same ordinary, small people who keep their modest savings with them. MMMGlobal.World knocks the banks from under the feet, opening people's eyes. Why do people carry money in banks at the predatory 8% per annum? (With inflation at 25% and above.) Yes, because there is no alternative, banks are monopolists: where else to carry money? Not in this bank, so in another. And all of them are the same world as mazans, all the native children of a kind and caring spider-mother Fed. All of them are spiders.

And now the alternative finally appears. MMMGlobal.World! This is yours, dear. Here people help each other. Today you helped - tomorrow they will help you. Here is the principle of MMMGlobal.World. Do you want the banker to snatch up to buy an extra limousine for yourself or build another villa? Want to be another slave? Join better in MMMGlobal.World, and let your money help those who really need them! A poor person, a disabled person, a pensioner ... a mother of a large family. Love thy neighbour! Help him.

This is a kind of one big common nightstand, where all people put their money, and then take, as needed. As much as they need at the moment. (They do not seize, but take!)

After all, in fact, a person does not need much money. It is important only the consciousness that he has them. Confidence in the future - that's what everyone really needs. And MMMGlobal.World just gives people this confidence. It gives a feeling of belonging. That you are not alone! That in a difficult moment you will always be given a shoulder, they will come to the rescue. What you - do not throw. MMMGlobal.World is the cell of a new society, brighter and cleaner. New world. Where there will be no money. The current money. Where everything will be different, everything will be different. Honest and fair. Where there will be no slaves and no masters. Where work will be - everything. For your own pleasure and for the benefit of the whole society. And where good will finally win evil. All this will be. By all means!


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