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***I share my opinion while talking shit, if you don't like it fine just get outta here, if you like what I have to say and you also like me using the language of uncle Dana and Conor McGregor please upvote, comment and share, thank you people.***

Conor is back, I missed him

So about that press conference, lol...I don't even know where to start. I'm not a McGregor fanboy, I believe he should be in jail right now but I'm not gonna lie to you, I motherfucking missed him. I love trash talk and no-one does it better than Conor which is sad because I don't even think he is that good. What I don't understand is why did so many fighters fall far it? Aldo, Alvarez and others were affected by it, I really hope it won't affect Khabib. Anyway I didn't think Khabib did a great job like many believe, Conor did way better, sure Khabib tried and did have a couple of good lines but most of the times was not that entertaining and didn't affect Conor at all but on the other hand Conor did what he always does and probably did succeed at making Khabib angry, I really hope I'm wrong on this coz I want to see the Russian at his best. Oh yeah and fuck Ali, I loved that McGregor called him a terrorist snitch, he is as shady as it gets, fucking scum of the earth, one of the worst figures in MMA. Get him Conor.

Jon Jones is Also Back

So because of a snitching clause Jon Jones is back and I'm so happy. Sure he fought with PEDs in his body and that's wrong but he is the most talented fighter to ever compete in MMA so I just want to see him fight as much as possible. Jon is an idiot and a fuck-up, I don't like the guy at all but hey Jones' haters, fook you, I dislike you even more, how can you fucking wish not to see him fight again. Seriously in every fight we saw him doing different things, he is so talented and unpredictable what kinda fan of MMA are you?

About PEDs, fucking make a super strict rule like you fail a drug test fucking ban the fighter for life. Do that and I'm pretty sure fighters will stop cheating and they'll be way more careful about the supplements they use.

Gustafsson vs Romero?

And for a title? Fuck this shit. Cormier still got the belt and with Jones coming back? And with a guy who is coming from the lighter division? And a guy who doesn't deserve such a sweet chance, that motherfucker is a cheater and missed weight in his last two fights. UFC fuck no. I ain't buying that shit...

Gustafsson please give Conor a call

With Jon Jones eligible to fight, Alexander Gustafsson has been calling him out almost on a daily basis now but goddamn how lame this Swedish guy is. Come on dude, you are shit with words and you are an entitled little bitch, your career is basically built on a loss so just shut up and don't worry about it you'll probably get the fight anyway because the light heavyweight division sucks.

Dana Just Say No Comment

Few days ago when people asked him about Logan Paul, Dana said

“That guy would get murdered here, He would get hurt badly. If I ever let him fight in the UFC, I should be arrested.”

What about CM Punk Dana? Funny thing is that he also mentioned CM Punk but with no point whatsoever. Dana you are ridiculous and for the record my money would be on Logan if he fights CM Punk, at least he got some wrestling credentials and he is young...There Dana, just make this fight.

Shut up Poirier

Dustin Poirier is going to fight Nate Diaz and he wants this to be for the 165lb belt.
Dustin no, no, no, no, NO. Why on earth the UFC would do that with you man? Nobody cares about you dude. That championship fight should be something like GSP vs Conor not you against another non top 3 fighter...

Usman who?

“I think I’m high enough to where I’m in a position I don’t have to that anymore, I did it for this fight because I want to be the champion [but] they put another guy ahead of me. I’ve already proved I have what it takes to be the champion, I’m right there.”

Kamaru Usman said that shit, how delusional...anyway stealing from Conor, who the fook is this guy? You beat an old Damian Maia and now you think you are worth shit? You ain't nobody, shut up and just be ready.

Covington please stop

So Covington got dirt on Woodley, talked shit about Conor, and bashed Woodley again and apparently all doctors in the world.
When is this idiot going to shut the fuck up? I'm not even reading what he has to say anymore...Colby fuck you, you ain't going nowhere with your trash talk. Once Woodley beat the shit out of you nobody is going to care about you. Please people don't ever buy a PPV with this scum in it.

Rest in Peace Kid

Kid Yamamoto died of cancer last week, may him rest in peace.


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I don't think that Dustin and Nate Diaz deserve to be the guys fighting for it but always thought it would make so much sense having a 165 weight limit and moving 170 up to 175.

I was really disappointed with the Conor press conference, I have felt like he's been losing his touch for a while now with his trash talk. A few years back he had comedy timing, witty comebacks and insulted his opponents with lines that got to them emotionally. Now he just screams and swears at them, he even resorted to childishly mimicking Khabib for the way he speaks which is something he reduced Chad Mendes to that time and everyone slaughtered Chad for it.

There was one moment it seemed like he had Khabib rattled when he'd said he didn't want a picture taken with Putin. The old Conor would have questioned Khabib and forced him to backtrack. But Conor let him off the hook by then shouting over him.

Yeah I've been saying that for years, 165lb division, 195 and 225 but it's 2018 and still nothing.

It should be between champions or former champions or a top 5 small welterweight against a top five big lightweight.

Yeah Conor ain't the same but he is still the best.

Funny shit. Keep writing this! It's fucking great. That being said, fuck you! Dustin Poirier is the shit! Everyone cares, just look at his last 5 fights:

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.32.03 PM.png

I'm a huge Diaz fan and rooting for Nate.. but Poirier will probably win this next fight.

Thank you. Lol. I'm a fan too bro I just don't think a new belt should be inaugurated with that fight. I do believe he deserves a title shot at lightweight...

Jon Jones is a very intelligent fighter, his fight history alone proves that. Everyone I’ve ever met who was close to that strategically good in a sport has been very smart in general.

I don't think Jon is a smart guy, if he were he wouldn't have fucked up so many times. He is very smart in the cage though...

When smart people get brain damage they generally become much more impulsive & tend to abuse drugs & alcohol. I have known many smart football players who fucked up more than Jones with similar issues

Jones never got knocked out and apart from one fight he got barely hit so I doubt that's the reason. Reason is that he got on top of the world at 22 years old and couldn't handle it...

You don’t need to get knocked out to have symptoms of brain damage, there are many football players with CTE that were never knocked out. & one tough fight could easily result in forever brain damage, happens all the time. Not to mention sparring sessions or fights/trauma from childhood. There is undeniable evidence of significant brain damage when it comes to Jon Jones & every other fighter/athlete/human who has taken shots to the head on film.

Too many people pass judgements on athletes without understanding the reality of the physics, anatomy & psychology involved. If we are going to use them for our entertainment, the least we can do is have empathy for their sacrifices & be realistic. Every shot to the head has consequences little or small.

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