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***I share my opinion while talking shit, if you don't like it fine just get outta here, if you like what I have to say and you also like me using the language of uncle Dana please upvote, comment and share, thank you people.***

#### Rusty Conor? [A quivering coward?]( Come on Conor I'm sure you can find better ways to attack Khabib and his people. I doubt you can fuck with his mind with that. But what do I know, at the time I didn't think for a second that it would work on Aldo but it did...
#### [UFC worth 7 billions?]( Ha Ha Ha
#### Good for you Cejudo, Shame on You, UFC I'm not a fan of this guy but to get that second title fight, [he accepted a lower pay even though his team was against it.]( With all those fighters that only care about money, finally one who cares more about how he will be remembered...It did pay off, he is a world champion now. UFC you disgust me, you've been making me sick year after year and you know I'm almost not buying shit anymore, you don't deserve my money, I'll never buy a PPV on my own ever again. Fucking Cejudo fighting for the belt and you fucking scums pay him less instead of paying him more? Again, disgusting...
#### Dana you are the worst [You think bashing your employees like that is right?]( You are a scumbag who deserves to fucking go broke, asshole...
#### See You Al [Go sell houses ]( dude you ain't nobody, you are just a mad dog, you being vocal like this ain't gonna help with shit. No-one care about what you say or do dude. Wanna fight for a better pay? Go do something to start a fighters union instead of running your mouth and playing the stand up guy.



Many people called this abomination 'amazing'. are you fucking serious? Did you people lose your mind? Chael looks ridiculous in that and what about Fedor? Why isn't he wearing anything? You know what if they had dressed up Fedor like matryoshka doll I would have loved the poster, the way it is now there is only one fighter unbelievably ridiculous.

#### Khabib vs McGregor poster ![image]()

No the world won't be watching...even if it breaks the UFC record it would still be nothing compared to huge sports events where the world is really watching...

#### [Cris Cyborg vs. Amanda Nunes]( Oh yeah finally something I'm very excited about. Cyborg wins this, she is definitely the best female fighter ever...
#### Yeah Right Dana So [Dana White believes that he did his best as a promoter with the booking of Rousey vs Holm.]( And he said shit like >"My job is to get you to question who you think is going to win this fight. So I need to gather all the information I can get on both guys and then I need to sell you on why this fight isn’t going to go the way you think it’s going to go.”

How ridiculous is that? According to what he said he did an awful job promoting that fight, almost no-one gave Holm a chance and even Dana himself at the time didn't so what the fuck is he talking about?

#### Junior please So [JDS believes he is one fight away from a title shot]( and as crazy as it might sound that could be true given how shitty the heavyweight division is. Anyway JDS is way past his prime and shouldn't be nowhere near a title shot.
#### No Lytle, That's Not What We Want [Chris Lytle believes bare knuckles fights are the future of combat sports]( and here is what he stated

“This sport still has that, and that’s why this sport’s gonna take off. People want to see other people beat the shit out of the other guy. They don’t want to see a person outjab a guy, or try to win a decision. They want to see people get hurt. That’s why I do this, that’s why I want to be here, and that’s what the fans want to see,” he continued. “So this sport’s gonna blow up for the next couple of years because of that reason right there, and right there only. It’s not a contest, this is a fight.”

He couldn't be more wrong. Yeah sure, the just bleed fan will enjoy that more but most MMA fans today do enjoy technical fights, do enjoy strategy, do enjoy different game plans according to who the opponent is so no Chris Lytle that ain't gonna be huge, nobody is going to care. One more thing that Lytle didn't consider is that for most people the way MMA is today is already too violent so there is no way that bare knuckles fight are going to be bigger...

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