[Vlog] Michael Venom Page, "MVP" has joined Steemit.... but don't just take my word for it

in mma •  last year

For those who don't know @michaelvenompage - he is an undefeated MMA fighter (12-0) and boxer (1-0) from the UK. He fights in Bellator and is renowned throughout MMA for his flashly point karate style of fighting that bamboozles his opponents.

He also has a string of highlight reel knockouts. Including one of the most devastating KOs in MMA history; hear Joe Rogan on MVP,

Page crossed over into Boxing this year and had his first fight a few weeks back under David Haye's Hayemaker Ringstar Promotions. Again winning by an impressive KO.

In 2018, he promises to take MMA and the Boxing worlds by storm!

When I heard he was keen to meet up and discuss cryptocurrencies in general and Steem/ Steemit in particular I was more than happy to oblige. If you've read my blog you'd know how I love Sport, MMA and Boxing in particular, not to mention crypto.

I have to say he really impressed me. Intelligent, down to earth, level-headed and he gets what Steem is about; i.e. sign up and get paid for doing what you do on other social media sites for free.

He has lots of ideas on the value he can bring to the platform but I'll let him share those with you.

Big shout goes out to @colossus39 for making the connect happen.

Steemit just got a whole heap more exciting (to me at least)!

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Oh! Nice, Michael Page on Steemit! ... Btw next time we should talk about boxing ;) I love that sheeet! Just for you, my favorites cuban fighters from the pro league.
In boxing Guillermo "The Jackal" Rigondeaux

and in Mixed Martial Arts, Romero the "Soldier of God" :D


Awesome...that my nees to see

MVP is Legit!


What a fantastic story and EPIC video!

Your right Steemit just got a lot more exciting! Just imagine how much more exciting it will be as more and more clue in.

You two seem like a perfect match, thanks for sharing it with us.

That's some knockout news!!


OH that Venom Page. He destroys people in the ring, let's see how his blogging skills hold out in the steemit ring, there are some heavy hitters here :) BTW Cool news!

Great news! I'll follow him and make sure he gets some votes.

Mannn, that’s awesome! He will be in the UFC soon 🙌🏼

My pleasure @nanzo-scoop you've talked this platform up and sold it to me so I knew you would be the right person to inform my lil bro what it is all about. Also respects for the kind words! Mike is Mike and only when you get to know him will you understand there is an MVP and Mike yet they are different but the same ;)

Im looking forward to this ;)

Whatttttttt that's awesome news, exciting for me too!

It's a beautiful post.

Nice one.

So you have made it happen? Bringing an amazing boxer to steemit? Wow so he started posting yet?
Amazing job you done bro

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Great post my friend I do believe that if he is taking about it then definitely he may see value in it and I like the sports person because they always give motivation to push more and more.

Oh man, I totally agree on that! MVP is a great sportsman, but also a great human being. Thanks for sharing this @nanzo-scoop!

I just released my 8th #photofeedback. If you have some time, will you maybe read it and tell me what you think?

Have a great evening

That's ridiculously awesome news, man! MMA meets Steemit and graced with such a big name as Michael Page!

Maximum big-up's to you both! The future's looking bright! :)

We need to get him some Steem gear ASAP!!

This is really good. The platform has the potential to accommodate much more than we are used to. A big welcome to MVP!
I guess your sparing with @colossus39 sealed the deal, hahaha.

Hi, I'm new to steemit. I really need your help, follow me !!! //steemit.com/@kravrsova

This is great news, if Michael likes it here I am sure we have more of his influential friends and fighters join as well. Well done!

Nice very nice ,yea

Follow me and I will follow you back @krishnabhusal

Cool. Spread the word.

we are follow me.i well follow you.

Love MVP! Welcome to Steemit brother and all the best in the future!

MVP is a great sportsman, but also a great human being.


wow.......great post. love it..........

verry nice

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Let the games begin! Thank you so much for making this happen. Im a huge fan of the Rousey dance!!!!

Props MVP hope you be active on steemit as much as in the cage!

Thank you!:)

Now that's an exciting development! I just wanted to say, thanks a lot for helping grow the MMA/Martial Arts community here on Steemit, it is sorely needed but thanks to enthusiastic people like you it is getting bigger, and on top of that recruiting some very exciting additions, excellent.

Cheers, @nanzo-scoop!

MVP is a great striker, fast hands, amazing foot work, and very instinctual; the foundation of a good fighter.

I have to be honest though, as a Boxing fan, and a Boxing Diehard, I wasn’t impressed with his Boxing debut at all. Obviously he fought a stiff, dude was a tomato can, I understand all that. My issue is with his lack of fundamentals and basics in Boxing.

I’m sure the plan is to build him up, get him acclimated in Boxing, slowly step up his competition, making him look spectacular in the process. Probably have him touted as a hybrid and the next level elevation in combat sports, and then it’ll all come crashing down when he fights a pure class A Boxer, just like Prince Hamed.

I was probably one of the first people I personally know who said I’d like to see MVP Box, I believe he has the goods but I also thought he had the basics down. He doesn’t have to fight all stiff and robotic or anything, but the way he exposes himself throwing punches, chin exposed, breaks away with his hand from the chin and or body when he throws, and surprisingly his balance wasn’t as good as I thought, with his Boxing.

I’m not hating on him in the slightest, I’d love to see Page do well in Boxing, he’s exciting as an MMA fighter, the antics aren’t as entertaining in Boxing, unless he goes on an unbelievable run spectacular knockouts and great fights. If he is gonna have those antics, he needs to be on the Level of fundamentals to pull off Emanuel”The Drunken Master”Augustus “ type biz... I wish him the best because he’s fun to watch.

steemit going mainstream :)

Since we've returned to the states from Chile, my Dad has been trying to catch up on 4 years of being away. He'll enjoy this post for sure.


hahhahaaha so glad I read down the comments to see this ;-)>

A sports person is someone you notice activity in everything
So I hope to be very athletic