MLBC Unofficial Winterball World Series Seeding Round One

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After tackling numerous bugs, I have finally run most of the first round of seeding games.
These games were against the Red Shoes, and intended to see how strong a team's batter's were. Needless to say the scores are a bit insane!

I will run the remaining four teams as soon as possible, and then the second round of seeding against against a more reasonable team, the Yankee Doodles.

The current standings are below

The output from all the games are available in my google drive.

Its messy, but it gives a play by play of the games.

There are a few known bugs currently

  • The Relief Pitcher never replaces the starting pitcher with respect to batting.
  • Tagged outs, multiple out plays and fielding needs a thorough going over.
  • There are a handful of prints and debug statements which need to be cleaned up still.
  • The stat box may not be completely accurate with respect to RBIs and doesn't currently report runs scored by a player.
  • The format of the output is terrible.


Crunch Data
If anyone actually wants to verify their figures loaded correctly, here is the output from loading the players. At the current stage of the game, there is a LOT of manual entry so typos and errors are possible.

Macho Man Randy Poffo

Brock Holt is not the number 1 mint, as much as I wish. He's simply an unminted figure with a made up serial number.

The KillerSams

I typed the team names exactly as they appeared in my entry form. The U in Ketel's SN means he is unminted.

Rusty Kuntz

Our current third place seed. How do you think they will fair against the Yankee Doodles? Will they move up in the ranks? Or fail when faced with actual pitchers?

Lacroix Boys

Boston Bombers

The Battle for Boston, and part of the reason it took so long to get this working. Due to a silly oversight on my park, duplicate player names caused trouble with the results.



Currently at the bottom of the rankings, did they simply have a bad day? Did I enter some stats wrong? (I'll check) Will they redeem themselves against the Doodles?

Green Iguanas



This team certainly lived up to its name and blew away the competition. Currently in second place, with the second most runs, including 18 homers!

The Code Monkeys

No, this isn't Tipu's team, its mine! Apparently I should have spent more time making a good team and less coding the game. The stat blocks are a bit screwed up because both teams used a couple of the same figures. Fortunately this shouldn't happen normally so I won't bother to fix it.

The Reds

Last but certainly not least, our current first placed team. The top three are all close so it will be a surprise who ends up on top.

Everyone Else

I still need to run four teams, The San Juan Luke Dogs, Moe, A team which hasn't been named yet, and the Averagers (which consists of the most commonly picked player for each position). I hope to run them tonight, but Valentine's Day may interfere.

Let me know if any links don't work or if you notice anything strange.
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